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Disposable Thoughts: Essays on Reading, Writing, and Relationships, is a culmination of nearly ten years of personal essays I’ve written, many of them published individually, on the craft of writing, as well as on memorable people and books that have affected me and my life’s work. Some are humorous, like “Cutting the Cord,” about me performing the first surgery on my daughter (or not); some are poignant, like “Clay,” an essay on my clay mining father who passed away in 2009; and some are just strange, like “Stalking Nelle,” about my encounter with the mercurial Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird.

Disposable Thoughts was released 2016 on Amazon’s CreateSpace.


Randy Rudder has illustrated how beautiful it is to create and to contemplate our humanity, the shadow of death, and the brilliance of life. I loved them.  River Jordan, author of Praying for Strangers and Saints in Limbo

Randy Rudder’s Disposable Thoughts are anything but… His essays on family, life, trouble, heartache, love and struggle are bittersweet and poignant, but hopeful and joyous as well. This collection will make you laugh and cry, think and reflect, all at the same time. Randy is a welcome breath of old-school memoirist in a world of high- speed blogs and rapid-fire internet exchanges. Settle back with this one and savor every bit of it.   Steven Womack, author of By Blood Written



Recently, I compiled the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music edition, which contains the stories behind 101 country songs.

As an ancillary product for the book, I licensed a number of the original songwriter demos of several songs in the book, including Tom Douglas’ demo for “The House That Built Me,” Skip Ewing’s “You Had Me From Hello,” Jan Howard singing the original demo for “I Fall to Pieces,” the song written by her former husband Harlan Howard that became a country classic for Patsy Cline. and more!


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