My company, Music City Films, LLC, currently has three films in different stages of development.  We plan to make faith-based and family-friendly films that are written and produced in-house as well as developing and acquiring other intellectual properties, book rights, and original screenplays  for future releases

Bevo poster for WordPress

Shooting Star: The Bevo Francis Story  (Screenplay by Randy Rudder)

In the late 1940’s, a major betting scandal almost destroyed college basketball. Field houses sat at half capacity as fans turned away disgusted. That is, until tiny Rio Grande College (Ohio) and their 6’9″ star center Bevo Francis captured the imagination of the nation. In 1952-’53, Rio Grande went 39-0 and Bevo Francis scored 116 points against Ashland Jr. College and averaged 50 points per game. That year, however,  the NCAA erased all their records due to the fact that Rio had played several two-year schools. Undaunted, Coach Newt Oliver scheduled Division I powerhouses for the next year. Rio Grande, with an enrollment of 106 students, went 21-7 that year, and Bevo scored 113 points against Hillsdale, a record that stood for 60 years. The team packed out Madison Square Garden and other venues and the gate receipts saved the college from bankruptcy. Bevo still has the highest point per game average (46.5) in history. This is the story of Bevo and the Redmen and how they saved a college and, some say, may have also saved college basketball.



Hit Me  (Original screenplay by Randy Rudder)

Matt Lane is a good man with one weakness: blackjack. A college English professor at a Catholic college, Matt runs up several hundred thousand dollars in gambling debts. Then, while watching It’s a Wonderful Life, Matt hears Mr. Potter tell George Bailey,  ‘You’re worth more dead than alive!”  and Matt begins to consider suicide as a way for his family to collect on his life insurance. the first problem: he soon discovers he doesn’t have the stomach for it, so he approaches some mobsters to see if they will take care of it for him. The second problem: the assignment is given to a rookie hit man who, in addition to having no skill, is also not sure if the job really fits with his “natural gifts.”

Matt has a change of heart just before Christmas, and tries to call off the hit, but finds he has to confront the reluctant hit man, who has no idea the job has been cancelled.

Hit Me is a quirky, faith-based comedy starring comedian Brad Stine and former SNL star Victoria Jackson. It’s the kind of perennial holiday film that could become the next It’s A Wonderful Life, a film that will be enjoyed by mainstream and faith-based audiences for years.

Arafat Man:  The Story of Tass Saada, a former PLO terrorist and Yassir Arafat’s personal chauffeur, who came to faith in Christ in 1991. Today, he speaks on reconciliation between Muslims, Jews, and Christians. More details to come.


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