Here are a few samples of TV segments that I have written and produced for the Christian Broadcasting Network, along with the trailer for a documentary I produced on The Farm, a hippie commune-turned-cooperative, and one of the oldest in America, located in Summertown, Tennessee.

A tragic segment on Terry Caffey, whose family was murdered near Emory, Texas, and his journey to forgive the murderers.

Mark Mohr discovered ‘ganja’ and reggae music while vacationing in Jamaica with his parents during high school. He later gave up the ganja when he encountered Christ, but continued his love for music, founding the Christian reggae group Christafari.

The interview I produced on Kevin Sorbo being interviewed by Scot Ross on his role as the atheist professor determined to convert his students in the film, “God’s Not Dead”

Brooke Gardner tried to commit suicide several times as a young girl and later began practicing witchcraft to try to deal with her depression, but nothing worked.That is, until she began reading her father’s Bible.

Sample from “40 Years on the Farm,” a documentary I wrote and produced with Ed Lamberg, which has aired three times on Nashville Public Television.